List of best New Year’s 2018 resolutions

List of best New Year’s 2018 resolutions: The New Year 2018 is now knocking at our doors. Prepare yourselves for this great event. Every New Year people make resolutions and in most of the cases, they break those resolutions. I will share some resolutions ideas for the upcoming New Year.

Decide to lose Weight: Lots of people set a resolution of losing their overweight before New Year which is also one of most favorable resolutions. Cut out all the bad foods from your kitchen that increase weight, remove all snack items like chips, cookies, pies, cakes, crackers, sugars, colas and other empty calorie items that can hold you back on your weight reducing objectives. This process is extremely vital process. Just take away these tempting items and fill your kitchen with nutrient loaded healthy foods. Fiber is a good source of nutrients; take minimum 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily.

Stop spending unnecessary money: You can start saving your precious money. How can you do that? Just stop unnecessary spending.

Quit drinking and smoking: Drinking alcohol and smoking nicotine or other cigars are very harmful for health. Avoiding these you can keep a good health and make our environment better.

Prevent being late all the time: Are you always come late to office or college? Don’t do that anymore in coming year, just be punctual.


Spend more time with family: You may bring your office works at home which simply removing many special moments from your life. Don’t bring your office work at home. Try to stay relaxed at home and enjoy some precious moments with loved ones.

Adopt a pet: Be a pet lover. Adopt a cute pet that suits you. This will reduce your stress and make you a responsible person as well.

Control your sentiments: Learn how to control your emotions. Anger, jealousy, ego and all other extreme emotions can spoil your life. You need to tame them and have to learn how to maintain patience.

Remember all special dates: sometimes we forget our important days like birthdays, anniversary and other memorable dates. Some people always forget them. But that’s not a good thing. We should try to keep those dates in our mind or at least mark those dates on our phone with a reminder.

Be an honest person: Try to become an honest and reliable person. Don’t cheat with people; don’t promise anything that you can’t keep. This quality will help you in your personal life as well as professional sector.

Enhance your confidence: You don’t need to become an overconfident person, though you need the confidence to get prosperity in your life. Be brave, try new things, meet new people and become self-reliable.

New and unique silly resolutions ideas

Youngsters prefer funny and silly resolutions to make tweets or share it among buddies. Don’t take those resolutions seriously; they are taken by people just for fun.

– Stop eating sweets after brushed teeth

– Won’t use smartphone/ computer for chatting

– I will buy an air freshener for my car

Not all of the resolutions are worthless. You can make an honest resolution to make your life better and successful.

New Year’s 2018 resolutions
New Year’s 2018 resolutions

We make many resolutions at the New Year, but at last, we forget them after some time. If you really want to keep those resolutions you can try some tricks. Divide your resolutions into some small parts. This will help you to practice them in an easy way. Also, write them down in your diary. Now pick the suitable New Year resolutions for you.